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Apropos is the premier IT analyst and technology marketing firm for the computer industry. We specialize in communicating the business value and human impact of technology. Our clients include technology vendors such as Intermedia, Western Digital, Voicebrook, Micron Technology and Nutanix.

"Love the white paper. It speaks from the customer viewpoint. The simple, clear process can help a salesperson as well."
- Matt Wokas, Strategic Marketing Manager, Micron Technology

"Terrific writing and terrific article."
- Jeff Tedesco, President and CEO, ReadyToPlay

"The case study has been very well received!"
- E. Bruce Sopko, VP Sales, Voicebrook

"I am very impressed with the quality of work and responsiveness I get from Apropos. Highly recommend for writing case studies."
- Nandini Agrawal, Marketing Manager, Nutanix