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This is our specialty - we write high-quality IT case studies. An Apropos Case Study is a real-life story that gets to the heart of the challenges faced by an organization, why they chose a particular technology and the business and technical benefits they experienced from it. Examples:

US Army Marches Forward with VDI Deployment Based on Nutanix
LifeBridge Health Finds a Remedy for Transcriptionist Shortage with Voicebrook VoiceOver 
GeoEnergy Experiences a Seismic Shift in Data Processing Throughput with sTec Enterprise SSDs

Get an Apropos perspective on new products and technology trends. What capabilities does a new product have? What value can it bring to organizations in terms of reducing costs, speeding up operations and boosting productivity? How will it affect business strategy? Examples:

SSDs for Big Data - Fast Processing Requires High-Performance Storage
STEC™ s1120 PCIe Accelerators Increase Performance and Reduce TCO for MySQL Scale-up and Scale-out Configurations
Virtual Desktops at the Speed of Memory

We can write content for brochures, blogs, web copy, messaging guides, etc.

Strengths. Weaknesses. Opportunities. Threats. Known as a "SWOT" analysis, this is insight you need to make informed business decisions and build effective strategies. An Apropos SWOT Analysis interviews your customers and looks specifically at what they perceive to be your company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. You might be surprised at what they say. Let Apropos dig in and find out for you. This service is for technology vendors and resellers.

If your topic is related to the business value of technology, we can help. Please contact us for details.